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The Guide to Mindful Conservation: Dancing in Pink Hiking Boots

Aug 31, 2020

This is a special series on the Guide to Mindful Conservation; Dancing in Pink Hiking Boots Podcast called the Deep Dive Discussion where host Dr. Scarlett Smash and Nikita Shiel-Rolle have a vulnerable and important 4 episode dialogue about Racism in Conservation and our field of Science. It is strongly suggested to listen to each discussion in order and to know that the topics discussed may be challenging and hard to hear at time but they are between two caring loving friends in a safe space. Together we can make change and dismantle systemic racism in the field of science, and make it a safe place for all.


Show Notes: During this discussion the statement duos discovered in 2017, is being corrected in this show note. The duos were published in 2015 but the duos were originally discovered in the 1800’s (Reference)  


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